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 This is the Portal to Bill Mengel's WM Technologies Web Site

William (Bill) Mengel, Retired in December of 2003 after almost 40 years in the electronics industry with RCA and Thomson. During this tenure, had held a number of managerial positions in operations, marketing and engineering and had managed a number of significant and high profile projects. The recipient of several U.S. Patents and a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE).

"The impact of some of the projects and the products Bill was responsible for in the 1990ís was significant to both Thomson and the industry in general. As one of the patriarchs of the subscriber terminal system used with North America's first high powered Digital Satellite System, he was one of the architects in what was the world's first major deployment of a mass produced consumer product to utilize MPEG digital compression as a platform."

Since retirement, has continued to remain active in the industry as a Technology Consultant.




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